I am a photographer AND a writer. Yes, it’s a thing. 

For over two decades my career has been in creative advertising where I’ve been engaged in some exciting and awarded agencies. I’ve seen the best and the worst of this weird business, and as copywriter and creative director - I have worked with extraordinary talent and teams.

In 2009, I also began to shoot professionally and today I’m hired as photographer on projects involving adventure, brand stories and sustainability. My time is split between camera, creative direction, and writing - often combining all of the above. 

I'm quick to set a project in motion, get myself to where I need to be with the tools to get it done - often an effective option for clients looking for inspiring stories in off-grid locations where experience come into play.



+46 (70) 608 74 50

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Instagram: instagram.com/ollenordell

Linkedin: linkedin.com/ollenordell

I work in teams or independently. Don't mind being sent alone to offgrid locations, but equally often I join existing teams locally, or internationally.

Academically, I once got an awesome degree in Finance from Bryant University (USA), where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with the class of ´94. Then I stumbled into advertising where I evolved as copywriter and creative director at award-winning places such as Garbergs and ANR BBDO, but also as Global Creative Director at Fjällräven and contributor to companies such as Peak Performance, United Nations, Thule and Cake. I won Guldskrift at Guldägget, have served on a number of award juries in Sweden, and internationally - and have been fortunate to pick up both gold and silver awards at shows such as Guldägget, 100-W, Eurobest, Cannes Lions, Epica, Cresta and One Show.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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