The voice of a brand

People’s impulse to like or dislike a brand is immediate. It appears before we even know what the brand wants us. If the tone is right, we might consider hearing more. The voice determines what happens next.

I have shaped brand voices for 25 years. That doesn’t mean I always invent them, but through analysis, reduction and creative work I arrive at a verbal personality which honestly reflects where the brand is at today. 

The voice starts in the strategy, not the ad. Being both a strategist, and a copwriter, is an asset when it comes to securing creative intentions from the ground up. Making sure that relevant insights and consumer facts are expressed in ways that spark ideas. 

As I shape strategy - I often craft a comprehensive system of truths, values, mission statement and brand dna. Carefully introducing a voice that later can carry into consumer engagements.

Which is, after all, copywriting.

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